The Role of Dentists in Myrtle Beach SC and the Benefits of Oral Health Care

Oral health is just as important as the wellness of other parts of the body. Visiting a dentist will help prevent any oral health problems from developing, and can ensure that the teeth and gums remain in optimal condition. Dentists in Myrtle Beach SC can provide the necessary treatments and procedures to ensure this.

Regular brushing and flossing may help prevent the buildup of cavities and plaque. However, only dentists are capable of removing tartar or calculus, i.e., hardened plaque that is located above and below the gum lines. Accumulation of calculus can lead to periodontal disease, which destroys the gums and the bones that support and anchor the teeth. Gingivitis, a bacterial infection of the gums, is another serious ailment. Gingivitis is often classified as a minor form of periodontal disease that causes bleeding in the gums. If left untreated, it can lead to severe gum problems like periodontitis.

Periodontitis is accompanied by inflammation around the teeth. This can destroy the attachment fibers and bones that hold the teeth in the mouth. If left untreated, infections can occur and cause tooth loss. The development of gum infections can also lead to an acute type of necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, which is life threatening. It is a progressively painful infection with ulcerations that may involve the mouth and throat.

Common causes of gum disease are smoking, genetics, pregnancy, puberty, stress, medications, bruxism, diabetes, poor nutrition, and vitamin C deficiency. The dentists Myrtle Beach patients turn to provide services that are designed to help prevent these critical infections. Periodontics are dental practitioners that specialize in the treatment of functional and structural diseases of the periodontal membrane and related tissues that surround and support the teeth.

These dentists also facilitate other procedures which include the typical fillings, teeth cleanings, cosmetic surgery, dentures, dental implants, and mouthguards that patients need. They also provide sedation dentistry to help patients with a propensity for anxiety attacks to remain calm during dental procedures.

Major surgical procedures like endodontics and root canal therapy are also offered in their offices. Furthermore, these dentists provide their clients with services for the replacement and restoration of damaged teeth with the use of prosthetics and other cosmetic technology. One dentist Myrtle Beach SC patients rely on, Dr. Rearden of Village Family Dental, believes in continuing education. Continuing education helps dentists like him acquire the latest techniques and learn the latest technologies used by dental practitioners worldwide.

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