Your Child's First Visit to a Dentist

Sometimes parents, in their eagerness to prepare their children for a visit to their pediatric dentistry expert, over explain. Please DON’T!! We suggest that you casually mention a few days ahead that “We are going to visit the dentist the day after tomorrow.”

Then, when the day arrives, mention it again. Please convey the feeling that dental visits are a part of growing up. Please don’t offer rewards or indicate in any way that there is anything to fear.

Your child’s reaction to the first few visits sets the stage for his or her entire lifetime of dental experiences. In an attempt to keep the initial experience as pleasant as possible, we will complete a thorough examination, clean your child’s teeth, apply fluoride and provide tooth brushing instruction and only take necessary x-rays at this visit. We appreciate your concern about x-rays and only take those essential for good treatment. This pleasant introduction to dental treatment, with the dental hygienist, provides your child with another opportunity to become acquainted with our office and is a very important step toward accepting other dental treatment, if it is required.



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