Recovering From a Root Canal

Having root canal may be painful, but it may be your best option for your dental problem. The procedure removes the infected tissues and protects the tooth’s entire structure. Instead of waiting for the pain and the infection to worsen, you can have them treated as early as possible.

Undergoing root canal is one thing, but recovering from it is another. Although the procedure is not as painful as it was before, you can expect discomfort several days after the operation. If you are currently recovering or about to undergo root canal, there are things you can do to manage pain.

Preparing for the worst

There are hundreds of over-the-counter painkillers you can take to alleviate the pain. Some of them, however, are better than the others. Our dentists will always give you the brand and the dosage that best suits your needs. If you are anxious about the pain and want to prepare for the worst, you can always ask for a prescription-strong medication, which you can keep in handy just in case.

Providing temporary relief

Put an ice pack on the treated area as soon as the anesthesia starts to wear off. This will numb the pain and may even help reduce the swelling. You may apply topical pain relievers to numb the pain temporarily, although the results are not as strong as its oral counterparts. Make sure your hands are clean when you apply them so you do not cause more infection on the treated area.

Going easy on your food

Our dentists will advise you to take a soft diet while still recovering from your root canal. You can have soup, mashed fruits and vegetables, and soft breads. Stay away from food and beverages that are too hot or too cold. The key is to protect the operated area by enjoyingyour food on the opposite side of your mouth.

No one likes root canals, but they are important to treat infected and abscessed teeth. If you are recovering from root canal follow the advice we have just provided. Otherwise, you can get in touch with our dental clinic in Myrtle Beach for other cures and treatment.