The Dentist in Myrtle Beach SC on Finding Reputable Orthodontists in the Area

If you suffer from malocclusions or have problems with your bite—such as underbites or overbites—and can’t bear the discomfort any more, then it might be time to see a dentist in Myrtle Beach, such as Dr. Rearden of Village Family Dental, to get some braces. Kids aren’t the only ones who straighten their teeth with braces these days: in America, about one in five patients who consult a dentist for braces is an adult.

It may initially seem daunting to find the right dental practitioner to assist you with your concern; after all, according to the health statistics site State Health Facts, there are 2,257 dentists throughout South Carolina. That’s roughly about 4.6 dentists per 10,000 civilians. But if you narrow the number down by specialization, it may be easier to find the right dentist for you within your area. If braces are what you need, then an orthodontist’s services are in order.

Orthodontics is a dental specialization that deals with straightening the teeth and correcting malocclusions or bite irregularities. According to State Health Facts, approximately 115 of the 2,257 dentists in South Carolina are certified orthodontists. Surprisingly, there are more orthodontists in South Carolina than general dentistry practitioners, so you might have more viable options.

How do you go about finding and choosing the right orthodontist in Myrtle Beach? One of the quickest ways is to ask family, friends, or colleagues if they can recommend a dentist in Myrtle Beach SC that can perform orthodontic services. If any of them highly recommends a particular orthodontist, you can then ask them to share their personal experiences about that specialist.

Additionally, if you want a professional recommendation, you can contact the South Carolina Dental Association. The South Carolina Dental Association publishes a directory of dentists once a year, giving both members and residents access to dentists’ names, office addresses, and contact details. You can even filter the directory by inputing names, individual counties, specialties, and office locations.

Should you find some leads from the South Carolina Dental Association’s directory, you can then search the Internet for any online reviews about the orthodontists in question. Look for consistent patterns among the reviews. You should choose an orthodontist that not only gets consistently positive reviews from their patients, but also has a reputation for empathy and integrity.

Finally, you should contact the dentist Myrtle Beach residents turn to and ask him or his staff to answer a few pertinent questions for you. Ask questions related to insurance, financial options, personalized treatment plans, and discuss their orthodontic procedures. These measures will help you find the the dentist who seems right for you.

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