How a Reliable Dentist in Myrtle Beach Deals with Bad Breath

About 32 percent of Americans consider bad breath as the worst trait of their co-workers. Fortunately, this oral health issue, which affects about 65 percent of the United States’ population, can be prevented. Before delving into bad breath busters that come recommended by any reliable dentist in Myrtle Beach, here are some basic facts about this oral problem.

The main cause of bad breath is bacteria buildup in the mouth. After eating and drinking, some food and beverage particles get stuck in the corners of the teeth and gums. These contaminated areas become breeding grounds for bacteria. The acids that the bacteria produce slowly decompose the teeth. Consequently, the decayed teeth emit an unpleasant odor.

Bad breath can also be caused by gum infection, which is triggered by accumulated tartar that inflames the gum line. The infection can spread and worsen into periodontal disease if not treated immediately. The odor of infected gum tissue, especially when it begins to recede, is not pleasant and cannot be concealed even by constant brushing. A trusted dentist in Myrtle Beach SC from dental offices like Village Family Dental would explain to his patient that the unpleasant smell from receding gums might be accompanied by a sharp metal taste.

Certain illnesses can also cause foul breath. Dry mouth, which is characterized by the malfunction of a person’s salivary gland, allows bacteria to multiple twice as fast. Saliva acts as a natural buffer to bacteria. If the mouth does not produce a sufficient amount of saliva, odor-causing particles in the mouth will not be removed completely. In this case, the mouth needs additional cleaning, and this is where brushing, flossing, and other oral hygiene practices enter the picture.

Brushing and flossing are well-known techniques to keep one’s mouth clean and fresh. Oral healthcare experts from Village Family Dental advise their patients to brush for at least two minutes to guarantee superior mouth cleaning. Doing so for only 45 seconds to 1 minute is about as bad as not brushing at all, since the remaining bacteria will multiply right after. The fluoride in some toothpaste brands also helps fight bacteria and prevent tooth decay.

Bacteria reproduce even faster than you expect. In a matter of hours after brushing, the mouth might produce a foul odor again. A dentist Myrtle Beach has to offer recommends gargling with mouthwash in between brushing. Like toothpaste, mouthwash has fluoride that inhibits odor-causing bacteria.

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