Skilled Myrtle Beach Dentists and the Treatment of Halitosis

Bad breath is an embarrassing social faux pas that is bad enough in most situations. However, some people suffer from severe bad breath that lingers for days, or even weeks. Normal bad breath does not last very long, especially if the person follows a strict oral hygiene plan, which keeps teeth sparkling and breath as fresh as mint. Persistent chronic bad breath, on the other hand, may be a sign of a more serious oral health problem. People should see a dentist if brushing and gargling does not get rid of their bad breath.

This is not an isolated case as almost 40 million Americans experience the same problem. A study in 2000 ranked halitosis—the scientific term for chronic bad breath—as one of the main reasons why patients seek dental treatment. Your Myrtle Beach dentist will usually solve unusual cases of bad breath with a thorough cleaning of the oral cavity where plaque is known to thrive.

Studies have shown that bad breath is caused by food debris left in-between the teeth that brushing fails to remove. Some particles remain in the mouth, particularly in the teeth and gums, where they decay over time without adequate cleaning. Eventually, they turn into plaque and emit the unpleasant odor many people suffer from.

Moreover, bad breath may also be a symptom of a more severe condition known as gingivitis. The accumulated plaque on the surface of the teeth is dangerous, as it may infect the tooth roots. Patients are advised to consult professional Myrtle Beach dentists such as Village Family Dental, should mouthwash and flossing fail to solve the problem. These highly trained dentists will eliminate bad breath by diagnosing the source and purging it.

Interestingly, some cases of bad breath are not caused by bacteria or plaque but come from the kinds of food consumed. Food that has a strong or pungent aroma are likely sources of bad breath, but this is only temporary. Bad breath caused by strong-smelling food can be treated with proper oral hygiene on top of using mouthwash. It is normal for people to smell the food they ate even after brushing. However, this is only temporary and the smell should go away after three days at most.

Lastly, individuals should not worry about getting bad breath if they practice good oral hygiene. They should religiously brush, gargle, floss, and eat the right kinds of food. Normal bad breath caused by some food particles will go away eventually. However, if it stays for more than three days, it is advisable to visit a Myrtle Beach dental practice for treatment, as it may be a sign of a more serious problem

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