Mouth Guards and Enhanced Oral Health Protection from Dentists in Myrtle Beach SC

The teeth and gums have always been at risk because of external aggressors. However, there are individuals who can’t help but put their teeth at greater risk because of their professions. For example, athletes often perform strenuous activities that might lead to trauma to the head or mouth, potentially damaging their teeth. Although they maintain their oral health by brushing and flossing, and consume calcium-rich foods, there’s no guarantee that their teeth will be in great shape because of the nature of their work. Luckily, dentists in Myrtle Beach SC have the solution.

There are mouth guards which can be modeled to fit the athlete’s teeth. Similar to invisible braces or retainers, these mouth guards are made of special plastic called ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), which is flexible but tough. This plastic is used for mouth guards by most athletes. Moreover, mouth guards may be custom made or bought over the counter.

Football players’ helmets come with mouth guards for protection as the game can get very physical. There are mouth guards that are pre-formed to fit almost any person’s mouth. Most dentists, however, recommend custom-made mouth guards for a better fit. There are dentists that athletes can turn to for making mouth guards; the dentist makes an impression of the athlete’s teeth from which the mouth guard is molded.

Mouth guards are also effective protection and treatment for bruxism, a sleep disorder wherein patients bite hard or gnash their teeth uncontrollably. This can lead to the severe wearing or cracking of teeth, which can be so severe that extraction is required. To avoid this, patients can visit the neighborhood dentist Myrtle beach SC residents recommend for customized mouth guards.

There are also people who are born with a sweet tooth. These people consume far too many sweets and sugary foods. The dentist can provide prophylaxis to rinse off plaque or calculus (tartar) that gets stuck on teeth from food particles. For better results, eating sweets must be regulated, and brushing must be done at least twice a day—especially before going to bed. Patients are advised to receive prophylaxis every year to prevent the accumulation of tartar.

Prophylaxis is a preventive cleaning procedure similar to sandblasting. It involves the use of a powerful gust of air and a medicated solution to clean stained teeth. This prevents further infection from occurring. Visit dentists Myrtle Beach residents consider trustworthy like Dr. Rearden at Village Family Dental to ensure full protect from complications.

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