Dentists in Myrtle Beach SC Can Help You Stop Worrying About Dull-Colored Teeth

If you are worried about your dull-colored teeth, cosmetic dentists in Myrtle Beach SC such as Village Family Dental’s Dr. Rearden are the right people to consult for treatment. They offer trusted teeth whitening procedures that can rid you not only of blemished teeth but also of the lack of confidence to smile and socialize. Teeth whitening cures a wide range of discoloration issues, from simple tartar buildup to complex medication side effects. Guaranteed safe, these procedures will give you a set of teeth worth bragging about in just an hour or two.

Teeth whitening methods are performed differently, depending on the condition of the teeth involved and the causes of discoloration. For instance, the procedure used to treat stained teeth is different from the one used to treat slightly translucent teeth.

In the first scenario, the first step in the dental remedy is to determine the cause and extent of discoloration. The most common causes include stains produced from regular consumption of highly pigmented food and beverages. Tobacco extract from cigarettes is also a source of dental stains; thus, chain smokers usually have darker teeth than non-smokers. The stains from these substances infiltrate the surface of the enamel through the micro-cracks often brought about by years of grinding and chewing.

In some cases, teeth discoloration is a side effect of a strong drug. The teeth become bluish and the stain sinks deep in the dentin, making extraction significantly difficult. For this more complex condition, a dentist Myrtle Beach patients rely on for outstanding dental care employs a higher degree of teeth whitening. It normally entails several appointments until the teeth achieve the desired whiteness.

Depending on the cause of discoloration, teeth whitening can be done by bleaching or veneer installation. Bleaching generally refers to all active methods, whether at-home or in-office. At-home methods involve the use of teeth whitening strips and toothpastes over a certain period specified on the label. On the other hand, in-office teeth whitening is done by the dentist himself, and for that is regarded by many as the safer and more effective bleaching option.

A dentist Myrtle Beach SC residents know of such as Dr. Rearden also offers veneers as a tooth discoloration solution. These are restorative devices that cover the permanent blemishes on the dental surface. Veneers are also the restorative of choice for treating translucent teeth, as they possess the porcelain-like appearance of real teeth.

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