A Beautiful Smile in 5 Ways

Myrtle Beach DentistA smile creates a lasting impression, so it’s essential to look your best at all times. You never know who you might meet at the coffee shop, at the bus stop, or at the workplace; thus, being at your best is important for impressions that truly last. A beautiful smile can help achieve this goal. Improving the look of your teeth with cosmetic dentistry is a great way to project a picture-perfect smile all the time. Here are the 5 ways to achieve a beautiful smile:

• Porcelain Veneers – These are thin porcelain shells, designed to enhance the shape, size, color, and overall appearance of the teeth. They’re bonded on the visible side of a tooth, covering a wide range of imperfections from chips and cracks to gaps, discoloration, and misalignment. Veneers are made of natural-looking porcelain that offers the same translucence as real teeth. The overall effect is an enhanced, beautiful smile that appears natural.

• Dental Bonding – Your dentist applies a tooth-colored resin on the teeth, to improve their cosmetic flaws. The resin material is made of plastic and is cured using a special blue light, bonding the plastic material to the teeth. Dental bonding addresses various imperfections such as cracks and gaps among others. This cosmetic treatment enhances your smile beautifully.

• Teeth Whitening – Who says that only Hollywood celebrities can have dazzling white smiles? With teeth whitening, anyone can achieve a movie star look and smile with bright, white teeth. In-office and at home whitening treatments are available at your trusted dentist. Both processes have been proven to whiten the teeth effectively.

• Dental Implants – Smiling with lost teeth is unattractive especially in this day and age of computers and social networking. Missing teeth are also unhealthy for the mouth because the space left by a missing tooth becomes prone to bacteria. Replacing lost teeth as soon as possible must be, therefore, a primary consideration. What better way to replace them than with natural-looking, durable, and long-lasting dental implants? These are currently considered as the gold standard of teeth replacements as the implants osseointegrate with the jawbone, making them last for a lifetime.

• Porcelain Crowns – Tooth restorations can be made of stainless steel or metal. However, these restorations look very obvious with your smile. Porcelain crowns, therefore, address the cosmetic appeal of tooth restorations as the crowns greatly resemble the color of natural teeth. You won’t get that dark line commonly associated with metal crowns or darkened restorations with silver amalgams. Porcelain crowns blend well in the mouth in terms of color, function, and overall appearance.

A Beautiful Smile that Lasts

Cosmetic dentistry offers many options to enhance your smile and create a lasting impression. You can mask various cosmetic flaws with porcelain veneers and dental bonding. You also have the opportunity to whiten the teeth for a dazzling, white smile. Tooth restorations like porcelain crowns are great for aesthetics and function. Dental implants look and feel great for your smile; they’ll become a part of you eventually. Let these 5 ways to enhance your smile give you a beautiful smile that truly lasts.

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