Orthodontics Means Having a Beautiful, Straight Smile for a Lifetime

Orthodontics Myrtle Beach SCOrthodontic treatment may mean having metal wires and brackets on your teeth, but this essentially gives you a beautiful, straight smile for life. This is because orthodontics is a tried and tested technique to correct oddly spaced, crooked, or misaligned teeth. With orthodontic treatment easily accessible at various dental offices worldwide, tooth misalignment is no longer such a great cause of concern. Both young and old patients can avail themselves of this treatment and achieve that picture perfect smile with straight teeth.

What Does an Orthodontist Do?

Orthodontists specialize in braces and are the best people to handle tooth misalignment concerns. Before a patient starts wearing braces, the dentition is evaluated and examined by an orthodontist. The doctor checks the position of the teeth, potential growth of new teeth for young patients, and determines how the teeth can be adjusted for both function and aesthetics. Orthodontists see to it that your teeth are beautifully enhanced and straightened while taking into account how this new positioning will affect your bite.

Orthodontists will require you to get x-rays so they can get a comprehensive view of your teeth and their underlying roots and tissues. This will also help them plan the movement of your teeth and provide you with an effective orthodontic treatment. Think of an orthodontist as a community helper for the creation of beautiful, straight smiles. They’re your dental specialists for the correction of oddly spaced or crooked teeth.

Conventional Orthodontics Has Already Been Proven to be Effective

Presently, there is more than one way to straighten the teeth with the use of orthodontics. You may have heard, perhaps, of invisible aligners and 6 month braces that both aim to speed up and make orthodontic treatment more comfortable and convenient for the patients. However, most people still resort to traditional orthodontics because this has already been tested and proven to be safe and effective. It also takes into consideration the overall effect of straightening the teeth in your mouth and does not just focus solely on aesthetics. Conventional orthodontics makes sure that your bite functions well while you achieve the goal of having straight teeth.

How Long is the Treatment?

For first time orthodontic patients, the process can take from 18 to 24 months to complete, depending on the severity of misalignment. This is a short treatment time compared to the benefits of having straight teeth for life.

Do I Need to Wear a Retainer?

Wearing a retainer is essential for maintaining straight teeth, just like in all other orthodontic treatments.

Choose the Reliable Approach and Take your Orthodontic Treatment Today

Instead of mulling over misaligned teeth, take orthodontic treatment today and begin your journey towards having a straight, beautiful smile. Orthodontics takes into account not just the appearance of your smile but also your bite. It, therefore, promotes healthy and beautiful teeth for life. Talk with expert orthodontist, Dr. Rearden by setting an appointment on this website or calling us at (843) 215-2599.

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