Pediatric Dentistry: Made for Kids

Pediatric Dentistry in Myrtle Beach FLIf you take your child to a pediatrician, then it makes sense you would take your child to a pediatric dentist in Myrtle Beach, SC, like Dr. Rearden. While some dentists specialize in family dental health which make them suitable to take care of the pearly whites of your precious one, not all dentists choose to practice family dentistry. So if your deciding on where to take your child, then here are some of the things you must know about pediatric dentistry:

Your baby might be born with teeth.

While it’s a very rare occurrence, some babies are actually born with teeth already on. These dental structures, called neonatal teeth, cannot stay on and they must be removed. Neonatal teeth are those which erupt within the first month of life.

On the other hand, the actual milk teeth only start to come in when a baby approaches halfway of his or her first year of life. The first tooth should begin to exfoliate or start to show signs of erupting when your baby is six months old and your child should have a complete set of primary teeth by the time he or she reaches his or her second year of life. Once the first tooth starts to erupt, you should take your child to see his or her pediatric dentist for the tooth to receive cleaning and so that you can receive dental health instructions from your child’s dentist, Dr. Rearden.

Teething can cause your child to act up.

As a new parent, the crying routine is something which would normally send you to the throes of a mini panic. In preparation, it would be wise for you to anticipate one stage of your child’s life wherein crying and irritability is the norm — teething. Growing teeth is no laughing matter and your child will show how unpleasant the entire situation is for him or her incessantly biting on toys and other objects he or she can get hold of, drooling, crying and ear pulling. It might even possible for your child to run a temperature during these periods.

You can ease the pain by giving your child a cold teething ring to soothe his or her sore gums. If you have other concerns about your child’s teething or lack of teething, then you can visit your child’s dentist for a check-up and a much needed crash course on pediatric dental health.

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