Three Ways to a Bright and Healthy Smile

With the help of cosmetic dentistry, it’s so easy to have a picture perfect smile all the time. If cost is not an issue, there is nothing that veneers and crowns couldn’t fix, whiten and brighten up. But if you’re looking for a more natural route to a captivating smile, then here are some morsels of dental advice from Village Family Dental in Myrtle Beach, SC that you should sink your teeth into:

1. Avoid foods that stain your teeth.

The enamel region of our teeth is a dense, tough and white outer coating which protects the more sensitive inner layers such as dentin and pulp from external stimuli which could irritate these regions and make them hypersensitive. But while it takes more than just a small bump to fracture your dental enamel, it still does contain microscopic pores where substances can seep through and stain your teeth. Especially if you consume copious amounts of coffee, wine and other highly pigmented drinks. Your enamel may turn a luminous white to a more unsightly yellow.

2. Floss every day.

Flossing does so much for your dental care. It removes plaque which accumulates in tiny crevices in between your teeth and along the gum line. Plaque is that bacteria laden sticky substance which turns into mineral-like tartar if left on your teeth for 72 hours. Tartar, in turn, has a toxic effect on gums which can lead to the development of periodontal diseases. And because your gums hold your teeth in place, it’s always a good idea to take care of them.

3. Load up on vitamin C and calcium.

These essential vitamins and minerals are crucial in ensuring that you have healthy gums and teeth. Vitamin C is in charge of connective tissue repair and is not just good in keeping your skin radiant but also gives your gums a nice pink color. At the same time, calcium is not just important for strong teeth but also for strong bones. Part of having a nice smile is having strong jawbones and a glass of milk a day is the only way to have just that.

For optimal oral health, you still need twice yearly dental cleanings at Village Family Dental in Myrtle Beach, SC. Call today to set up your appointment.

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