Is It Time to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom Tooth Removal Myrtle Beach SCWhile teenagers have to worry about getting braces, adults are often plague by their third set of molars or the wisdom teeth. The main reason for why growing wisdom teeth can be very uncomfortable at best and painful at worst is because of their increased risk to be impacted. Because wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to erupt, they are often left with very limited jaw space by the time that they exfoliate. This would then lead in impacted or sub-impacted teeth. With all the hassles that come with having wisdom teeth, when do you know that you should extract or not?

Presence of infections and dental caries.

The geographical location of wisdom teeth place them at the very back of their mouth. For this reason, it can be rather difficult to get to these molars and clean them. So compared to the other teeth in your mouth, your wisdom teeth have an increased risk for cavities, tooth decay and pericoronitis. And dental conditions such as partially erupted teeth as well as the presence of teeth which erupt in a horizontal manner can create crevices for where plaque, and dental debris can be trapped.

They affect the rest of the teeth.

A more pressing reason for why individuals should consider having their wisdom teeth extracted is because of secondary reasons which are often hidden and do not affect the wisdom tooth per se but surrounding structures. For instance, cysts or tumors may form close to the site of the wisdom teeth and could be exacerbated or directly influenced by the presence of the third molar. It’s also possible that the teeth adjacent to the wisdom teeth would become more prone to infections as well as cavities because of the awkward presence and positioning of the third set of molars.

Is it always necessary for your wisdom teeth to be extracted?

In the past, people thought that it was extremely necessary for people to have their wisdom teeth extracted as soon as they come out. However, this isn’t the standard anymore and most dentists do not recommend extracting a wisdom tooth if it’s not causing any pain or discomfort in the first place. Even impacted wisdom teeth does not need to be removed right away. Rather, for as long as the impacted tooth is not pushing on an adjacent tooth or it isn’t causing the surrounding tissues to be infected, then it’s possible to let the tooth be.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Myrtle Beach SC

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