Quality Periodontic Dentistry Offered by Dentists in Myrtle Beach

The gums are prone to bacterial infection. The small spaces between the teeth and the gums make perfect dwelling areas for bacteria and other harmful agents. Sometimes, regular brushing and flossing are not enough to keep the gums protected from bacteria. When bacteria started to penetrate and infect healthy gum tissues, the gums start to get inflamed. The problem will get worse if it gets neglected. It is a good thing that that there are dentists in Myrtle Beach SC specializing in gum treatment using the latest in dental technology.

Bacteria build-up can cause different kinds of periodontal and oral problems mainly because of poor oral hygiene. Some patients don’t clean their mouths thoroughly, leaving bits of food inside the mouth and between the teeth. The bacteria feed on the leftover food, accumulate, and start infecting the gum tissue. The gums swell and bleed because of the infection, causing pain and gum deterioration. A dentist like Dr. Rearden can help patients prevent the damage caused by gum disease by providing them information about how they can protect themselves from these destructive bacteria. They teach patients the kind of lifestyle they should follow and prescribe the appropriate medication.

Periodontal problems may cause tooth decay and tooth loss if left unchecked. Severe gum disease weakens the gums, making teeth loose. In some cases, the bacteria eats the tooth structure and leave unsightly marks on the teeth. Dental specialists like the dentists Myrtle Beach has treat periodontal diseases not only to alleviate the suffering of patients but also to protect their teeth from damage.

Gum diseases can also lead to more severe health problems like cardiovascular diseases. The bacteria that come from the mouth may travel through the throat until they reach the cardiovascular system. Dentists encourage patients to undergo regular checkups so that early signs of periodontal disease can be prevented.

Although periodontal diseases are commonly caused by poor oral hygiene, dentists also consider other factors such as poor nutrition, stress and genetics as other possible causes of periodontal diseases. All of these are taken into consideration before patients receive treatment.

It is important that patients discuss all their concerns with their trusted dentists so problems will be properly addressed. It would be better to find reliable dentists like a dentist Myrtle Beach SC has whom you can rely on so you can comfortably discuss your medical history and other factors that may have possibly caused the disease.

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