Your Child’s Second Dental Appointment

Are you having problems taking your child to the dentist? Did you fail in your last attempt to convince your kid? Chances are, you may not be able to win in the next few tries. Children are likely to deny your offer the more you press it. It is better to lay low for a while, keep the situation under control, and wait for the right moment. But how would you know if it is time to ask your kid again?

You might be lucky if your child has yet to see the dentist for the first time. It is easier to explain what happens in a dental treatment. You may convince them to visit the dentist because they have no experience. They do not know how it feels to sit in a dental chair and talk to a dentist. They have little idea what a dental clinic looks like. You may use this chance to create a positive picture in their minds.

It gets challenging, though, if your kid has gone to the clinic and walked away afraid. Pain, an unfriendly dentist, and a gloomy setting are the common causes of this fear. They may take the experience with them as they grow up. Convincing them for the first visit was hard enough, erasing this bad memory is even harder.

Here at Village Family Dental, we deal with cases of dental fear for children. We can help if your previous dentist failed to make your child comfortable. Here are some steps on persuading your children into their second consultation:

Do not argue. Children become irritated once you keep on bugging them with their next appointment. Leave the topic in peace and wait until the temper of your kid cools down.

Look for the right timing. You know it is the perfect time if your child is happy enough. Buy more toys and bring home favorites more often to keep them in a good mood.

Show videos of happy children. Play a video of children who went home happy from a dental appointment. Be casual, watch it only while they are near, and make sure it catches their attention.

Our Pediatric and orthodontic dentistry services may help your kid leave the clinic at ease. We provide solutions to keep the bad memory away. Contact us today to know how we can help your child!