Knowing What Is In Store For You When You Get Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Myrtle Beach SCDentures and dental bridges might be uncomfortable when you first put them on, however, they sure are not painful. So when dentists float the idea of getting dental implants to their patients, this mere mention of the implantation of a dental rod within the gums of a patient is enough to make patients back out. But for all of the advantages that dental implants carry, a little bit of pain would definitely not hurt. Knowing that you do not have to worry about dental implants falling off or looking so unrealistic, having to endure the drill for a few seconds may not seem so bad.

The Procedure

Before Dr.Reardon can get started with the dental implant procedure, he or she would have to make sure that the site is free of any fragile structures which could be damaged by the drilling. In order to do just that, your dentist would have to ask you to go through dental x-rays and CT scans. These imaging tests will show if there is any alveolar nerve which is found within the mandible or the lower jaw. Your dentist would also need to make use of surgical guides in order to ensure that he or she does not hit anything.

Once the first step is done, the second step would be to go forward with the actual procedure. Dr.Reardon would start off with a pilot hole, which would have to be drilled through the appropriate site on your jaw. The pilot hole will slowly be stretched in order to accommodate the titanium rod. Once this is done, the rod can then be installed. It takes around six months for the installed dental rod and the incised patch of gum to fully heal. Once the entire structure has healed, only then can the porcelain crown be attached.

What Next?

Once Dr.Reardon is done with the entire procedure and all of its different steps, then the next phase would be the recovery. This period can take quite some time, roughly six months for the dental implant placement step while two months are needed for the patient to fully recover once the porcelain crowns have been installed. Good dental hygiene is essential when you are in the process of recovering from the wounds you have sustained from the procedure. This will lower your risk of contracting an infection or other forms of complications due to the proliferation of oral bacteria.

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